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Virtus Perdurat ~ "Courage Will Endure"

The images in the background are of some the aircraft assigned
to the Wings and Squadrons which have been stationed at Ramstein Air Base including the
37th, 75th, and 76th Airlift Squadrons, and the 17th & 38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons,
417th, 512th, and 526th Tactical Fighter Squadrons.

Maybe you were with an attached Air Defense Command unit such as
the 440th, 496th, 512th, 513th, 514th, 525th, 526th, or 527th Fighter Interceptor Squadrons.

Click here to visit the 526th Fighter Interceptor Squadron! Mirrored website and images courtesy of Capt. Vince Arias.
526th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The last USAFE Squadron to operate the F-102A Delta Dagger.

Learn more about the 86th Wing by visiting our
86th Wing History Page

Where you stationed at Ramstein? Were you a member of any of the units listed above?
Were you with a support unit like the 26th FMS or 86th EMS or AGS? Help us by adding your insights and photos.
Help us build a comprehensive history of the USAF and German experience at Ramstein AB.

Where you stationed at Sembach?
Did you work under the 601st Tactical Control Wing? The 66th Tactical Recon Wing?
Help us by adding your insights and photos. Check out our
Sembach AB page.


And let us know all the bases you served at while in Germany!

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Wondering how things have changed since you left...
Check out Sean White's Ramstein & Sembach Webshots

Sean's NEW Ramstein Photos-Summer 2005!
See how Rhein-Main's Closure is changing Ramstein.

The Flightline at Sembach

Hardline Spare: The 86 MXG Band

Official band of the 86th Maintenance Group.

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