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Contrary to popular belief, Spangdahlem Air Base was not used by the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War. Nor was it ever occupied by units of the French Air Force. Most of the construction work took place between 1951 and 1953 at a cost of roughly $27,000,000. French and German contractors, working under the supervision of a French government agency, completed the majority of construction.

The French were directly involved for two reasons--the base was located in the French Occupation Zone and construction costs were paid for from Occupation Funds (reparation costs paid to the Allies by Germany after the end of World War II). For these same reasons, the French also designed and contracted the construction of several other air bases located in this portion of Germany including Bitburg, Ramstein, and Hahn.

Several wings have occupied Spangdahlem AB over the past 46 years. The initial military presence began on 1 September 1952 with the arrival of US Air Force (USAF) elements from Fuerstenfeldbruck AB near Munich, Germany. The base was officially dedicated nine months later, on 10 May 1953, and became the new home of the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW). The wing moved to Spangdahlem AB from Toul-Rosieres AB, France. The base population at this time totaled slightly more than 1,900 personnel.

10th TRW RF-84Fs of the 32nd and 38th TRS. Credit: Col. G. Powell

Upon its arrival at Spangdahlem AB, the 10 TRW operated RF-80A Shooting Star and RB-26C Invader airplanes. In October 1954, the wing received RF-57 Canberras and then acquired RF-84 Thunderjets in July 1955. The unit received RB-66 Destroyer airplanes in November 1956 and WB-66 Destroyer aircraft one year later. In early August 1959, the 10 TRW ended its six-year stay in the Eifel and moved to RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom.

Later that same month, the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) moved to Spangdahlem AB from Etain-Rouvres AB, France, and assumed host unit duties. The 49 TFW flew F-100 Super Sabre fighter-bombers until 1961 when it converted to F-105 Thunderchief aircraft. On 9 March 1967, the unit began receiving F-4D Phantom II airplanes. The 49 TFW remained at Spangdahlem AB until 1 July 1968 when it relocated to Holloman Air Force Base (AFB), New Mexico, to serve as the US Air Force’s first dual-based, NATO-committed wing. On 1 January 1969, the 36 TFW, located at nearby Bitburg AB, assumed operational control of Spangdahlem AB as well. Aircraft based here at the time included the F-4D Phantom II and EB-66 Destroyers.

F-4D of the 23rd TFW. Credit: Michel Klaver EB-66 of the 39th TEW. Credit: Bergagnini

The 52 TFW was activated at Spangdahlem AB on the final day of 1971 and has served as the host unit for over 33 years. During this time, Spangdahlem AB became one of a select few USAF installations to host all four major versions of the venerable F-4 Phantom II fighter--C, D, E, and G models. The first F-16C Fighting Falcon arrived at the base in April 1987.

Wing Commander's F-16C. Credit: USAF

On 1 October 1991, the 52 TFW was redesignated the 52d Fighter Wing as part of a sweeping, Air Force-wide restructure. One year later, in October 1992, Spangdahlem AB welcomed its first A-10A Thunderbolt II fighter. In the spring of 1994, the 53rd Fighter Squadron relocated to Spangdahlem from Bitburg—bringing with them their F-15C/Ds. By October 1995, the 606th Air Control Squadron completed its move from Bitburg AB to Spangdahlem AB.

F-15C of the 53rd TFS enforces the Northern no-fly zones over Northern Iraq. Credit: USAF

Spangdahlem AB currently includes about 1,282 acres of land (two square miles), a 10,000-foot primary runway, an 8,074-foot secondary runway, and over 500 buildings. The base (along with Bitburg Annex) is now home to approximately 5,000 US active- duty military members and 7,000 dependents—all of which are valued members of “Team Eifel.”
Quoted from: The Official USAF Spangdahlem AB Website

Spangdahlem AB is currently the home of the 52d Fighter Wing which is the largest fighter operation in Germany
and one of the most versatile wings in the US Air Forces in Europe,
with three fighter squadrons and an air control squadron.

These units are:

The 22nd Fighter Squadron
The 22nd Fighter Squadron

The 23rd Fighter Squadron
The 23rd Fighter Squadron

The 81st Fighter Squadron
The 81st Fighter Squadron

The 606th Air Control Squadron
The 606th Air Control Squadron

The 52nd FW currently operates the:

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II


Photos will be posted soon!!!
Celebrating 52 Years of German/American Friendship and Cooperation.

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