A painting by Ron Wong.

This is a small clip from the documentary, "The Wing." This film showcases the skill, pride, and determination
of those who flew and maintained the F-15 Eagle at Bitburg Air Base in the Federal Republic of Germany.
The clip file size is about 1.5MB. Download times will vary. Press the play button when download is complete.

If you would like your own copy of "The Wing," Follow one of the below links...

The CustomFlix Website
The film is available in both DVD and VHS format,
and costs $39.95 for either format.

The Traditions Military Videos Website
The film is available in VHS: PAL or NTSC format,
and costs $29.95 for either format.

NTSC is the US Std VHS format.
If you purchase the CustomFlix DVD,
be sure to check their compatibility list.
Some DVD-Rs will not play in some older DVD machines.

The CustomFlix film claims to run about 47 minutes,
the Traditions Military Videos film says it only runs for 36 minutes.

I bought a VHS & DVD copy from CustomFlix about 2 years ago,
and I am pleased with what I bought.
I would like to thank Bill Hewitt for providing the link to
the Traditions Military Videos website.

I plan on obtaining a copy from Traditions Military Videos;
Once I receive it, I will pass my feedback on to all of you.

Old CustomFlix Cover

New CustomFlix Cover

Some of you may remember that the CustomFlix video box cover actually showed U.S. Navy F-14s rather than USAF F-15s.
Someone must have whispered in their ear, and it appears they may have corrected that flaw.
If anyone buys a CustomFlix copy, let me know if it has been corrected. Thanks.
I'm not the Internet Police, I'm just curious.

Image courtesy of Dave Gurtner & Son, and Cold War Thuds
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