A painting by Ron Wong. Image provided by Gary Schulz.

Many of you may have seen this painting before.
"Eagles over the Eifel" depicts aircraft from the history of the 36th Fighter Wing from the Republic F-84 Thunderjet
right up through the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. This historical flight of aircraft are seen flying
over the town of Bitburg with the Bitburger Brewery clearly visible in the background.

UPDATE---20 February 2007---UPDATE
We have arrived at a price with the printer and Mr. Wong.
Although we do not know the exact shipping costs from the UK,
the prints should still be less than $50 each compared with the previous price of over $150.

HOWEVER, we have a new issue that we are hoping our members can help resolve.

The original printing was commissioned by "Tiger, Inc."
We believe this may have been an association of 53rd FS personnel.
We need to ascertain whether this organization still exists.
The reissuance of the print is on hold until we settle this matter!
Please contact us if you have any information about this group!!!


If you would like more information abouT Ronald Wong
or you would like to see some more of his work, try these links...
Mr. Wong's own website

Some samples of Mr. Wong's Work

"Panthers Forever" 494 FS

"Operation Allied Force" 81st FS

"Stingers" F-16CJ of the 22FS


Image courtesy of Dave Gurtner & Son, and Cold War Thuds
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