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Due to the immense spam load placed upon our RollCall,
we have suspended the operation of our automated entry system.

All entries into the RollCall will now be done manually until a new system is in place.
You simply need to email us some basic information.

Start by sending us an email with the subject line "Enter Me Into The RollCall!"
The email should be addressed to webmaster at usafgermany.com
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Then simply copy and paste the text below into your email...
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Current Duty Station/Home.
Dates stationed at Bitburg AB.

Here is an example of a typical RollCall entry:

Name:Jonathan "John" Doe
Please put "Nicknames" in quotations, and put your (maiden name)
in parentheses. This will aid us in adding your name to the RollCall.
I cannot stress this enough, these pages are publicly accessible. Websites are scanned 24/7 for email addies.
If you are worried about receiving unsolicited mail from us, don't. We will only email you if necessary.
To prevent spam from other sources consider putting the words NOSPAM in your email address.
Try following this example to prevent harvesting of your address: johndoeNOSPAM@msn.com
Also consider obtaining a free email address just for your listing...Hotmail, Yahoo, whatever.
Comments:Had a great time in Germany, miss all my friends.
Current Duty Station/Home. Your City and/or State, or your current duty station
Dates stationed at Bitburg AB. month/year - month/year
Let us know about each base that you served or lived at in Germany.
Did a TDY to Germany? Tell us your unit and affiliation, such as the 151ARS/TnANG or 193rd SOW/PaANG.
Shop/Branch/AFSC. 36th OMS...50th EMS...2139 COMMS...etc
Use terms your shopmates will understand, but use something standard as well.
Later this information will be used to setup a linked unit roster.
Please keep your comments relatively brief. Use other member entries as a guideline.

For more examples, try these links...
A thru J K thru Q R thru Z

If you served at Bitburg AB, your information will also eventually be entered into the Bitburg AB RollCall.
There will be a time lapse between your entry and it's appearance on the RollCall.
Please be patient.
Return to our site in 72 hrs and check for your entry on the New Entries Page.
New entries will remain on this page for 30-60 days before going into the permanent RollCalls.

Please do not use all Capital Letters, or profanity in your entries. Have fun, but keep it clean!
For more rules regarding Roll Call entries, please visit our Rules Page.
Remember to tell us about all your duty stations in Germany!
Please be aware that at this time, the information you submit to our guestbook is accessible by the public. Do not submit information you wish to keep private.

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