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First, let's check out those career field links...
Non-DoD sites for specific Enlisted AFSCs and Officer Career Fields
including Career Field Association websites with extensive member lists!

USAF in Germany Links
Non-DoD sites for USAF Bases or Units
that served in Germany

Family Support Links
Sites with an Air Force spouse or family theme

CONUS Base & Unit Links
PACAF Base & Unit Links
VN & Korea Sites are here.
Other USAFE Base & Unit Links
Non-DoD sites for USAFE Bases or Units
not stationed in Germany

Other USAF-related Links
Non-DoD sites for Associations or Groups which cannot
be organized by a single Theater, Command, or Career Field

For Public Access DoD .mil sites click here!
Links to Official USAF & DoD websites

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AFSC Links
Weaponz Links
Sites with a Load Toad point of view

Nukes & Missile Links
Sites for the Nuke Puke, as well as
the Tactical and Strategic Missileer

2A Manned Aerospace Maintenance
Crewdawgs, Avionics, ACFT Maint, NDI, etc.

Other Maint Group 2 Links
PMEL, Wiredawgs, Supply & Logistics,
Vehicle Ops & Maint, POLCats, etc.

Operations Group 1 Links
Pararescue, SERE, Aircrew Life Support,
Loadmasters, Aerial Gunners, Combat Controllers,
TACP, Weather & Combat Weather, etc.
AMMO Links
Sites with an AMMO point of view

3E Support Links
Disaster Preparedness/Readiness,
EOD folks & Firedawgs

Other Support Group 3 Links
Security Forces, Computer Systems, etc.

Mixed Rank and Career websites & Associations
MTIs, AFOSI, Bomb/Nav, WCS,
Air Traffic Controllers, Intel, etc.

USAF Medical Career Links
Commissioned & Enlisted, Flight Surgeons,
Audiologists, Speech Pathologists,
Flight Nurses, Med Techs, Pharmacists, etc.
Looking for a guide to the Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications?
How about Air Force Officer Job Descriptions & Qualifications?

Vintage AFSC
What's up with all these letters!?! Looking for an old AFSC?

Here's a NAV list using the older AFSCs...
This list is obviously an old AFSC?

Send it to us!
110X0, 115X0, 923X0, 122X0, 922X0
Pararescue, SERE, Aircrew Life Support

331X0, 332X0, 463X0, and more
Sites for the Nuke Puke, as well as
the Tactical and Strategic Missileer

Links Category
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Links Category
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Links Category
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Links Category
Links Category Description

Links Category
Links Category Description
242X0, 464X0, 570X0, 571X0, 951X0
EOD, Disaster Preparedness, & Firedawgs

810X0, 811X0, 812X0, 753X0, etc
SP, LE, CATM...Security Forces folks
and Comms-Computer Systems folks

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Links Category
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Links Category
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Links Category
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Links Category
Links Category Description

Of course, my favorite links are...AMMO!
461X0 & 2W0X1's

R. Russell's AMMO Site

AMMO Shots

Ammo MSN Group


Bombers Tavern

AMMO Yahoo Group

IYAAYAS Yahoo Group

AMMO Chiefs Yahoo Group


Looking for a different kind of AMMO site? Try...
War Stories by Ted A. Morris
A retired Lt Colonel who started as a Coast Guard Aviation Machinist Mate 2/C
went on to Air-Sea Rescue as an enlisted crew chief and flight maintenance technician, then moved over to
the Air Force, eventually going through OCS and becoming a performance engineer in a B-36 AirCrew.
Then retrained again as a B-47 Navigator/Bombardier but was medically grounded after 2 years.
He then went on to find what he refers to as "his real job"...
a SAC Munitions and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer.

Hoooaah! Hand Salute!

Nuke Pukes & Missile Jockey Links

It's Glow Time!
Nuclear Weapons Specialist Page

331X0, 332X0, 463X0, & 2W2X0's
Also checkout

Missile Talk: Early ICBM Operators Yahoo Group

Tac Missileers
TAC Missileers

Mace & Matador Missile Techs

AFMA, Air Force Missileers Association
Air Force Missileer Association

All Missile Troops...
Strategic, Tactical, Air-Launch, Space, you name it.

Load Toad Links

The Load Toad! for the Load Toads!

462X0 & 2W1X0's

USAF Load Toads Yahoo Group


Without Weapons, It's Just Another Airline!

87 FIS Load Toad Tribute Page

3E Support Group Links
These are non-DoD websites

5th EOD Flight, Minot AFB
5th EOD Flight - Minot AFB, ND

464X0 & 3E8X1's
Loads of official EOD links
restricted to military access computers

Disaster Preparedness @

242XX, 3E9X1, & 05XX

USAF Firedawgs
USAF Firedawgs

570X0, 571X0, 951X0, & 3E7X1's
Also Check out...


Air Force Firefighting MSN Group

Other Support Group 3 Links
These are non-DoD websites

Air Force Security Police Association Home Page

Security Forces now combines all SP, LE, & CATM AFSCS
and I'm sure there are many more. Security Forces is the
largest USAF career field, so naturally they have allot of websites...

Air Force Security,
"Defenders of the Force"

Security Force Haven Yahoo Group

USAF Security Forces Yahoo Group

Air Police, Security Police, & Security Forces MSN Group

Air Force Security Forces MSN Group

Brave Defender@

For you "Red Hats"...

Stop by - the Combat Arms Instructor site.

or, Cruise by the CATM Yahoo Group

Space Coast War Dog Association (SCWDA)
Committed to honoring the memory of all Military Working Dogs
Past, Present and Future.

Military Working Association

USAF IM Functional Managers


Computer Sys Operations

Operations Group 1 Links
These are non-DoD websites

Professional Loadmaster Association (PLA)
Loadmasters on the Web
Loadmaster Forum

USAF Combat Controllers

273x0, 272x0D, 272x9, & 1C2X1's
Combat Controllers Yahoo Group

USAF Combat Weather Association


Air Weather Association

250X0, 251X0, 253X3, & 1W0X1's

Aerial Gunners Website!

Command Post Yahoo Group

Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Yahoo Group

A Community Website for FAC/TACP/ROMAD - 1C4X1
FYI, ROMAD = Radio Operator, Maintainer And Driver

PJ Association
USAF Pararescue Association

110X0, 115X0, 923X0, & 1T2X1's

USAF SERE Instructors Site


USAF Aircrew Life Support

122X0, 922X0, & 1T1X1's

Aircrew Life Support Yahoo Group

Aviation Life Support MSN Group

Altus Boom Operators
McGuire Boom Association
Boomer's Association at Loring AFB

Group 2A Manned Aerospace Maintenance Links
These are non-DoD websites

Aerospace Ground Equipment-AGE Rangers

421X3, 423X5, 423x9, 454X1, & 2A6X2's

AGE Rangers Yahoo Group

USAF Electro/Environmental MSN Group


Aircraft Maintenance MSN Group
Mechanics, Line persons, Maint Officers, even pilots

These groups seem to be dead.
If anyone has a good site for these AFSCs, email us.
Sheetmetal Yahoo Group
USAF Egress Troops Yahoo Group
Jet Engine Mechanics Yahoo Group

USAF CrewDawgs - Crew Chief Site

431XX, 452XX, 457XX, 2A3X3, & 2A5X1's - An ALL-Service Crew Chief Site

Fighter Crew Chiefs Club Yahoo Group

USAF Crew Chief Club Yahoo Group

Other Maintenance Group 2 Links
These are non-DoD websites


361X0, 361X1, 2E6X1, 2E6x2, & 2E6X3's

Satellite & Wideband Comms

PMEL Home Page
2P0X1-Precision Measurement Equipment Lab Troops
PMEL Links Site

Supply Point Yahoo Group

Box Kickers and Label Stickers Converge
2S0X1 & 2S0X2's

Vehicle Operators

603's & 2T1X1s
Also checkout
The Unofficial USAF Vehicle Operators'

and the Road Warriors of the USAF Yahoo Group

Fuels - POLCats

631X0 & 2F0X1's
Polcats 2 Yahoo Group

Mixed Rank and Career Websites & Associations
These are non-DoD websites

Air Force Services!
Air Force Services Society

Air Force Command and Control,
Communications and Computer Association

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Air Force Navigator Observer Association

US Air Force Navigators, Observers, EWOs, and WSOs
Navigators of James Connally AFB

AFOSISA-Association of Former OSI Special Agents

Association of Former Intelligence Officers

Retired Air Force Intelligence Personnel

Silent Warriors
USAFSS, ESC, AFIC, & AIA personnel

Weapons/Fire Control Systems or B-52 Bomb/Nav folks
321s, 322s, and 323s
Bombing Navigation Systems

Air Rescue Association

Air Commando Association

Airborne Maintenance Technicians Association

Air Force Musicians Association

AACS Alumni Association Website

Communications/Information, Air Traffic Controllers & Support personnel
From WWII right up to the current day

The Military Training Instructors Association

8B0's-I think some of you have already met a member or two!

Air Force Ground Radio MSN Group

Military Training Instructors Yahoo Group

Aircraft Maintenance MSN Group

Mechanics, Line persons, Maint Officers, even pilots

USAF Medical Links
These are non-DoD websites

Society of USAF Flight Surgeons

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States

Aerospace Medical Association

Air Force Audiology Association
Air Force Audiologists & Speech Pathologists

Air Evac FNs and AETs Yahoo Group
46FX & 4N0X1

Air Force Medical Technicians Yahoo Group

USAF Medical Service Corps Association

Society of Air Force Pharmacists

Military Medical Students Association

Society of Armed Forces Medical Laboratory Scientists

CONUS Base and Unit Associations and Websites
These are non-DoD websites

Paul Freeman's Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields
Was your old base closed long ago? Wonder if planes still fly there?
Check out this site. It's also a great resource for recreational pilots!

29th & 31st Munitions Maintenance Squadrons
31st Equipment Maintenance Squadron (Eager Beavers)A Page
Homestead AFB, FL

51st Munitions Maintenance Squadron
Vandenburg AFB, CA

649th Munitions SquadronA Page
Hill AFB, Utah

410th Munitions Maintenance SquadronA Page
K. I. Sawyer AFB, Michigan

5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Minot AFB

29th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Byrd Field

57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
The Black Knights of Keflavík 1954 to 1995

58th & 60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron Reunion Group
Otis AFB, Cape Cod

59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

323rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (Truax & Harmon, F-102)

336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (Korea)

210th Rescue Squadron

53rd Weather Reconnaissance Sq., Keesler AFB
Also Home of the Air Weather Reconnaissance Association

366th Fighter Group
includes all successor organizations - FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, FW
"Once a Gunfighter, always a Gunfighter."

366th TFW & EMSA Page
366th Equipment Maintenance SquadronA Page
Mountain Home AFB, ID

119th Fighter Wing, NDANG
The Happy Hooligans

355th TFW, Davis-Monthan AFB

48th Fighter Squadron (FS, FIS, & FTS)

1st Fighter Association

321 Missile Wing, Grand Forks AFB

306th Bomb Wing, McCoy AFB

47th Bomb Wing Association (B-45)

325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB MSN Group

2nd Aerial Port Squadron, Sewart AFB

11th Combat Defense Squadron, Altus AFB

Wurtsmith AFB Historical Preservation Site

41st Munitions SquadronA Page
509th Munitions SquadronA Page
Pease AFB, New Hampshire

89th MAW SPS, Andrews AFB
Air Force One Security Police

Walker AFB Sentry Dog Section
812th Air Police Squadron

9th Security Forces K-9, Beale AFB

3380th SPS, Keesler AFB MSN Group

Cannon AFB Yahoo Group
27th CRS - Cannon AFB, NMA Page

Seymour Johnson AFB Yahoo Group

Elmendorf AFB Club Yahoo Group
Elmendorf AFB Yahoo Group

George AFB Yahoo Group

Altus Boom Operators

McGuire Boom Association
Loring Air Force Base, Maine - Then and Now
Loring AFB Fire Dept
Loring Ramp Rats
42nd Security Police Squadron
42nd Air Refueling Squadron
42nd Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron
Boomer's Association at Loring AFB, Maine
Loring AFB - Yahoo Group
Take Off To The Great White North
Air Force Brats Unite Yahoo Group
Loring AFB Forums

49th Contracting Squadron, Holloman AFB, NM A Page

The Last Military Precision
Measurement Equipment Laboratory [PMEL]
at Whiteman AFB, MO

"White Alice" - WACS
A tropospheric communications system...
AC&W folks know what this means.

Wayne Setzer's AC&W Pages
642nd AC&W Squadron
Red Cliff (St. John's, Newfoundland) 1959 -1961
678th AC&W Squadron
Tyndall AFB 1958 - 1959

Ned Scholz's 636th AC&W Page

641st AC&W Squadron
Melville Air Station - Labrador, Canada

676th Radar Sq/AC&W Sq, Antigo AFSA Page

707th AC&W Sq, Grand Rapids, MN

714 AC&W Sq, Cold Bay AFS, Alaska

720th AC&W Squadron, Middleton Island, Alaska

760th AC&W Webpage
@ The NE Washington Genealogical Society

786th AC&W Squadron, Minot AFS, ND

782nd AC&W Sq, Rockville AFS, INA Page

798th AC&W Sq, Belleville AFS, IL

922nd AC&W Sq, Labrador, CanadaA Page

771st Radar Sq, Cape Charles, VAA Page

763rd Radar Sq, Lockport AFS, NYA Page

780th Radar Sq, Fortuna AFS, ND

861st Radar Sq, Aiken AFS, SCA Page

866th Radar Sq, Tonopah AFS, NVA Page

Pinetree Radar Line Reunion

Texas Tower Association

76th AMU/TFSA Page
76th Aircraft Maintenance UnitA Page
23rd Component Repair SquadronA Page
England AFB, LA

Perrin Field Historical Society

Lowry AFB History

57th EMS - Nellis AFB, NVA Page

440th AMU - Mitchell Field, Milwaukee, WIA Page

B-52 Crew Chiefs - 2nd OMS - Barksdale AFB, LAA Page

James Connally AFB

5th CCG Alumni Association

SAC Elite Guard
3902SPS-Det A & 3906 SSS, Offutt AFB
55th Organizational Maintenance SquadronA Page
Offutt AFB Yahoo Group

Un-O-Fishal 96th Trans Page, Eglin AFB
Eglin AFB Yahoo Group

Former Bases Dot Com

These groups seem to be dead.
If anyone has a good site for these bases/units, email us.
67th Air Intelligence Wing, Kelly AFB MSN Group
174th Fighter Wing, NYANG MSN Group
Tyndall AFB Yahoo Group



PACAF Base and Unit Associations and Websites
These are non-DoD websites

Kunsan AB
Lots of Kunsan & 8th FW stuff here!!!

Osan AB Yahoo Group
Osan Air Base MSN Group
4th Direct Air Support Flight

Kadena AB Yahoo Group

H. James Holub's Clark AB Website
1970's Clark Air Force K-9 Homepage
Cops Of Clark Air Base Yahoo Group
Clark AB Reunion MSN Group
Clark AB Yahoo Group

91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Association

Camp Hakata-Brady Air Base, Kyushu, Japan
14th USASAFS & 6918th Security Squadron many more
Extensive Army, Navy, & Air Force Duty Rosters

Hakata/Brady Message Center

USAFSS Misawa Family

Itazuke Alumni Association

Tachikawa AB Yahoo Group

Southern Japan Radar Sites
Includes the 610thACWSq, 618ACWSq, 527thACWGp, 850thACW and 41stAD

511th Aircraft Control & Warning Group Reunion Association
Includes the 613th AC&W Squadron, the 847th AC&W Squadron,
the 848th AC&W Squadron, the 511th AC&W Group,
and the 39th Air Division

613th AC&W Squadron, Ominato

623rd AC&W Squadron, Ryukyu Islands

Det 18, 848th AC&W Squadron, Wakkanai

Det 36, 848th AC&W Squadron, Erimo-Zaki AS

Det 45, 848th AC&W Squadron, Hokkaido

6927th Radio Squadron Mobile, Onna Point

6986th Radio Squadron Mobile, Wakkanai AS

Korean War Project

Air Force Units @ The Korean War Project

336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (Korea)

8th & 16th Tac Recon Squadrons (Korea)

13th Bombardment Squadron Assn (Korea)

Safe Side Association
Active Defense & The Combat Security Police Program

4th Direct Air Support Flight

Tan Son Nhut Association

Vietnam Dog Handler Association

Vietnam Security Police Association (USAF)
USAF Vietnam War Veterans who served in Vietnam or Thailand
from 1960-1975, as APs or SPs
(PCS, TDY, or Augmentee)

6924th Security Squadron, Danang AB

366th MMS
366th SPS K-9 Danang
366th Fighter Group
includes all successor organizations - FG, FBG, FBW, TFW, FW
"Once a Gunfighter, always a Gunfighter."

336th Gunfighters Lost & Found

12th Tactical Fighter Wing History Project ©
Cam Rahn Bay & Phu Cat

377th Security Police Squadron

31st TFW, Tuy Hoa, VN

American Forces Thailand Network

Thailand Dog Handlers
8th, 56th, 355th, 388th, 432nd, 631st, & 635th
Security Police Squadrons

635th SPS K-9

388th Munitions Maintenance SquadronA Page
Korat RTAB, Thailand

6924th Security Squadron, Danang AB

4258th/307th MMS, U-Tapao AB, Thailand

635th SPS, U-Tapao AB

Udorn-Home of the Hunters

8th TFW, Ubon RTAFB, Thailand

505th Tactical Control Group



Other USAFE Base and Unit Associations and Websites
These are non-DoD websites

RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath Yahoo Group

495th AMU - RAF Lakenheath, UKA Page

48th SPS-Security Police Association Page

RAF Upper Heyford
Excellent Site for any folks who spent time there

USAF Base, South Ruislip, UK

6917th Security Group
San Vito dei Normanni Air Station, Brindisi, Italy

The Aviano Reunion Association

AvianoSaints Alumni Website

Soesterberg Wolfhounds

Slobberin Wolfhounds

752nd Munitions Support SquadronA Page
Volkel AB, Netherlands

601st/615th ACWS/3rd Shoran Beacon-Association

US Radar Sites Iceland
Keflavik, Rockville, Langanes, Hofn, & Latrar
667, 932, 933, & 934 AC&W Sqs, & 932 ACS

667th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
H-3, Hofn AFS, Iceland

933rd/667th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadrons
Hofn, Iceland

877th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Elizondo, Spain

880th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron A Page
Mallorca, Spain

734th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Site Y3: Djenane Krater, Morocco

737th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Site Y2: Saidia, Morocco

Wheelus AB, Libya

Tulln Air Base, Austria 1945-1955
George Richmond's Tulln Air Base Days 1951-1953

RAF Bentwaters

RAF Bentwaters & RAF Woodbridge

The 512 FIS Association

512th FIS, RAF Bentwaters, 1955-1958

81st SPS, RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge

Berlin Airlift Veterans Association
Berlin Airlift Veterans (1948-49), including those from RAF Mildenhall
RAF Mildenhall Yahoo Group

RAF Wethersfield

2163rd Air Force Comm SQ

RAF Greenham Common

Paul Francis's Photo Sites
RAF Upper Heyford

RAF Alconbury & RAF Chelveston

485th Tactical Missile Wing Alumni Association
Base J. Offenberg, near Florennes, Belgium

52nd Munitions Support SquadronA Page
Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium

39th Munitions Support SquadronA Page
Izmir/Incirlik/Balikesir AB, Turkey

739th Munitions Support SquadronA Page
Akinci AB, Turkey

Charlie Flight Karamursel, Turkey MSN Group

Incirlick AB Yahoo Group

Torrejon AB Yahoo Group

Aviano AB Yahoo Group

U.S. Armed Forces Verdun (APO-122)

Laon AFB, France

66th Supply SQ, Laon AFB, France

Toul American High School

Verdun American High School

Dreux American High School



USAF Family Support Links
These are non-DoD websites

606th ACS Spouses Website

Air Force Wives MSN Group

Young Air Force Wives MSN Group

Air Force Wives Club MSN Group

Air Force Wives In Germany Yahoo Group

Air Force Parents and Spouses Yahoo Group

Air Force Mom's and Dad's Yahoo Group

Military Families United Together In Europe MSN Group

Military Wives Living in Europe MSN Group

Nellis AFB Wives MSN Group

Ramstein AMMO Support Yahoo Group

Ramstein AB Spouse Yahoo Group

Ramstein AB Wives Yahoo Group

Other USAF-related Sites
These are non-DoD websites
Many are Associations which cover many Commands, Career Fields and Units

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) Society

National War Dog Memorial Fund

Big Safari Association

DragonLady Association

Radomes, Inc.
The Air Defense Radar Veterans Association

Stealth Fighter Association

B-52 Stratofortress Association

United States Military Liaison Mission Association

Ground Launched Cruise Missile Historical Foundation

6th SRW Association

12th Tactical Fighter Wing History Project ©

35th Fighter Group/Wing Association

36th Fighter Squadron
Flying Fiends

39th Fighter Squadron Association

40th Bomb Wing
Includes the 25th BS, 44th BS, 45th BS, 40th ARS, 660th BS 40th A&E,
40th HQS, 40th PMS, 40th FMS, 40th-OMS, and the 36th ADS & 36th MMS
from the 802nd Air Division.

55th SRW Association

76th Fighter Squadron Association

80th Fighter Squadron

98th Veterans Association
Includes the 98th Bombardment Group, 98th Bombardment Wing (M),
98th Strategic Aerospace Wing (M), 98th Strategic Wing,
98th Air Refueling Group and the 98th Range Wing.



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Email us with new websites!

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