Looking for the USAF in Germany on the Web?...well, this is the place!!!

Our German Hosts
Websites of the towns and burgs where we lived

Units and Bases
Websites of reunion & historical groups

American Schools in Germany
Websites for Alumni of American High, Jr. High, and Elementary schools

YAHOO & MSN Groups
USAF-related Yahoo Groups, great place to chat with old buddies

There were more than a few Army folks over there!

USN in Germany
Yes, there were even a few Navy folks over there!

Links of Local German Interest
Vacation ideas, Golf Courses, Webcams, etc., etc.

Hopefully these will keep you busy for a little while.

First, let's visit with some of our hosts...

Stadt Bitburg

Stadt Prum

Sembach Online!

Stadt Kastellaun

Stadt Trier




Gemeinde Morbach
Gemeinde Morbach


Gemeinde Hütschenhausen
Gemeinde Hütschenhausen


Eifel Portal

Rheinland Pfalz Portal

Hunsrueck Portal

Speaking of Bitburger Pils...
how could we forget the REAL supporters of the USAF!

Abend Bit, Morgen Fit!
The Bitburger Brewery

I wish I was pulling off of the B51 right now,
heading downtown for a cold Bit!

Our Newest USAF in Germany Links...

497th Reconnaissance Technical Group Yahoo Group

497th Reconnaissance Technical Group Website

Click here for YAHOO & MSN Groups

AND, don't forget all of these Military.com Unit webpages

Thuds over the Eifel!

36th Tactical Fighter Wing
Bitburg Thunderchiefs!

36th TFW, 1961-1966
The history of Thuds at Bitburg AB


49th Tactical Fighter Wing
Spang Thunderchiefs!

49th TFW, 1961-1967
The history of Thuds at Spangdahlem AB

These Thud Stud sites courtesy of
Dave Gurtner's Cold War Thuds


601 TCW
601st Tactical Control Wing Reunion Site

601st/615th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadrons
This link is now dead. Any help would be appreciated.

601st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron Reunion Organization

603rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

Dedicated to Members of the: 606th Tactical Control, Air Control,
and Aircraft Control & Warning Squadrons as well as the
626th & 636th Tactical Control Flights

606th ACS Spouses Group Web Page

615th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

Birkenfelder Reunion Association
Birkenfeld Air Base, Germany 1948-1969
602nd AC&W Sq., 619th TACONRON,
7424th SUPPRON, & 615th AC&W Sq.

Hessisch Oldendorf Air Station, Germany including the
600th TCG Hessisch Oldendorf AS, 609th TCS Bad Muender, 619th & 629th TCF Schwelentrup and the 606 TCS, 626th & 636th TCF at Bremerhaven.

This link is now active. URL has changed.

Mace Missile Launch
George Mindling's 38th Tactical Missile Wing

Extensive material on Tactical Missile Units at Bitburg, Sembach, & Hahn
A first-class website. Check it out!

The 1st & 69th Pilotless Bomber Squadrons Reunion Site
This link is now dead. Any help would be appreciated.

Flugplatz Bitburg
Website of the converted former USAF Bitburg AB

Any Bulldogs in the house? YBYSA!
525TFS Bulldogs, Inc.

We Leap When The Birds Creep
525 Fighter Interceptor Squadron

22nd TFS, 1957-1960
Gary Schulz's Webscrapbook of the Big 22

36th and 585th Air Police K-9

Europe Defense Veterans of America

Henk Scharringa's
History of the United States Air Forces in Europe

This link is now dead. Any help would be appreciated.

Pharmacy Specialist Roger Flavell's
My Ramstein Air Base

Ramstein Phantom Association
38th TRS personnel from Ramstein & Zweibrucken

526 FIS Black Knights

Det. 3, 81st TFW, Ahlhorn AB Alumni Connection
A place for folks who served with
Detachment 3 in Germany

R.R. Johnson Jr.'s Zweibrucken Page

26th TRW Crew Chiefs, Zweibrucken AB

Badger's 26th Security Police Squadron Website
The online home of the 26th SPS,
Zweibrucken AB, Germany.

510FS Buzzards!
510FS - The Buzzards

Formerly an A-10 unit @ Spang, now an F-16 unit @ Aviano
A First-rate Website!

Prum Air Station
Scott Sevin's Site: Units at Preum from the 50's to the 90's

Stars and Stripes Photo Day - Bitburg AB
Photos from a 1979 USAFE Readiness Exercise at Bitburg AB

435 APS
435 Aerial Port Squadron, Rhein-Main AB

435th Enroute MX
435th OMS Enroute Maintenance

John "Bruno" Potter's 435th OMS EM Site

6912th Security Squadron Dog Flight
Berlin, 1963 ~ 1966

OLAA/OLJA/Det 1, 6910th Security Group
Det 1, 6912th Security Squadron
or the 6913th Security Squadron @ Mt. Eckstein


Berlin US Military Veterans Association
Serving all US Military and US Government Civilians who served in Berlin

Berlin Airlift Veterans Association
Berlin Airlift Veterans (1948-49), including those from Mildenhall

Berlin Island Association
USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA Troops who served in Berlin

The Hole in the Wall
USAF & RAF Troops who served in Berlin

USA & USAF Troops who served in Berlin

417th Flying Dorks
Terry Johnson's 417th TFS Website

Home of the "Flying Red Dorks"

Wiesbaden Air-Security Police Association
7100th, 517th, 60th, 7150th, & 7122nd APS
This link is now dead. Any help would be appreciated.

7100th AP Sqdn Old Sentry Dog Handlers
Hindenburg Kaserne - Biebrich Suburb of Wiesbaden
Home of the USAFE Sentry Dog School

700th Contracting Squadron, Kaiserslautern, Germany

50th Air Police K-9 Section

50th Fighter Bomber Wing

Clovis Air Force Base * Flugplatz Hahn * Base Aérienne Toul-Rosieres

50th Fighter Group, 1940-1991

Loads of Hahn AB History

Hahn Airport History Pages of Hahn AB & 50th TFW

Masters of the Sky
Martin Aguera's 50TFW Site (10, 81, 313, & 496 TFS)

Hahn Air Base Homepage
Marc Müller's Hahn Air Base Site

586th TMW
586th Tac Missile Group - Hahn AB Germany

Bob Smiley's Site V page

Harold Leichty's 38th TMW page
This link is now dead. Any help would be appreciated.

Lucky Puppies!
Were you a Lucky Puppy?

Lucky Puppy 313th TFS/AMU Forum

Hank Maifeld's 313th Lucky Puppy Page

Former Hahn AB - Pictures from the late '90s


497th Reconnaissance Technical Group

Reisenbach AS Reunion Group

Hof Germany Reunion Assoc.
Hof Germany Reunion Association

1st MOB/Comm Homepage
1st AACS Squadron (Mobile) - 1st Mobile Communications Group
1st Combat Information Systems Group
1st Combat Communications Group
and the 1st Combat Communications Squadron

2005th Comm Squadron, Siegelbach

6916th ESS / RSM / SS
Rhein-Main, Turkey, Athens

6914th Radio Squadron Mobile, USAFSS, Sembach
This site is offline, try:
The Grunstadt Gang website

6913th Radio Group Mobile, USAFSS, Bremerhaven

6911th ESS, Metro Tango, Hahn AB

6911th Radio Group Mobile, USAFSS
Cambrai Fritsch, Rhein-Main

6910th Security Group, USAFSS
The 1950's: Cambrai Fritsch, Darmstadt, Landsberg

6910th Security Group - Darmstadt to Augsburg

6901st Special Communications Group, USAFSS, Zweibrucken

2nd Radio Squadron Mobile, USAFSS, Darmstadt

USAFSS units at FS Augsberg
6910th USAFSS Security Group, 6911th Electronic Security Squadron (Mobile DSU), 6913th Electronic Security Squadron


Geschichte des Labor Service und der Civilian Support Organisation in Deutschland
Siegbert Mann's History of the U.S. Forces in Germany Labor Service and Civilian Support Organization
UPDATED LINK!!! Thanks to Herr Mann for such a great historical website!.



Even More USAF Units in Germany at Military.com

52nd Fighter Wing HQA Military.com Page
52nd Logistics GroupA Military.com Page
52nd Operations GroupA Military.com Page
52nd Services SquadronA Military.com Page
Spangdahlem AB

36th Component Repair SquadronA Military.com Page
Bitburg AB

22nd Fighter SquadronA Military.com Page
23rd Fighter SquadronA Military.com Page
Furstenfeldbruck, Bitburg, & Spangdahlem AB

81st Fighter SquadronA Military.com Page
Hahn, Zweibrucken, & Spangdahlem AB

852nd Munitions Support SquadronA Military.com Page
Buchel AB

7261st Munitions Support SquadronA Military.com Page
Memmingen AB


86th Airlift Wing HQA Military.com Page
86th Logistics GroupA Military.com Page
86th Operations GroupA Military.com Page
86th Transportation SquadronA Military.com Page
The 86th has been in Germany for almost 60 years
Neubiberg, Landstuhl, Ramstein–Landstuhl,
Zweibrucken, & Ramstein AB

37th Airlift SquadronA Military.com Page
Rhein-Main & Ramstein AB

75th Airlift SquadronA Military.com Page
76th Airlift SquadronA Military.com Page
Ramstein AB

601st Air Control SquadronA Military.com Page
Simmershausen, Kassel, Rothwesten, Pforzheim,
Sembach, Wiesbaden, Pruem, & Zweibruecken AB

606th Air Control SquadronA Military.com Page
606 Air Control Squadron "Inspectors of the Skies"A Military.com Page
606 ACS S.W.A.T.SA Military.com Page
Dobraberg, Basdahl, Bitburg, & Spangdahlem AB


American Schools in Germany
Maybe you or your children attended one of the many American Schools Overseas

Schools are listed alphabetically...

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society

Ansbach American High School Alummni Chat Room

Augsburg Apaches American High School

Augsburg American High School.org

Augsburg Tribal Elders Yahoo Group
AAHS Alumni and Faculty from the mid 50's to the mid 60's

Bitburg Barons
Bitburg Barons Alumni Association

Also check out the Bitburg Barons Online Store

Bitburg American High School Alumni, 1963-1970

Bitburg High School, 1956-1963

Bremerhaven and Osterholz Blackhawks American High School

The Dackel Association
Frankfurt American High School Alumni, 1946-1949

Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association, 1963-1966

Frankfurt American High School, 1960-1966

Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association, 1967-1971

Frankfurt American High School Party Association

Frankfurt American Junior High School

Gen. H. H. Arnold High School Alumni Association

Hahn Hawks American High School Alumni

Kaiserslautern American High School Alumni Association

Ramstein American High School Alumni

Ramstein American High School Alumni, 1983-1987

Ramstein American High School Booster Club

"Reuniting Ramstein" 1980's Ramstein AHS


Also check out the Sembach Brats Online Store

University of Maryland (UMUC) Munich/Augsburg/Mannheim Campus Alumni

Zweibrucken Alumni Association

Zweibrücken Trojans American High School

Also check out the Zweibrücken Trojans Online Store

Do youYahoo!
Check out these Yahoo Groups.

BAB @ Yahoo!
Bitburg AB

Bitburg Barons @ Yahoo!
Bitburg Barons

The Spang Gang @ Yahoo!
Spangdahlem AB

Sembach @ Yahoo!
Sembach AB

12th Radio Relay @ Yahoo!
12th Radio Relay SQ

FTD 936K @ Yahoo!
Field Training Detachment (FTD) 936K


Hahn AB @ Yahoo!
Hahn AB

Hahn Air Base @ Yahoo!
Hahn Air Base

AMMO @ Yahoo!
Hahn Bomb Dump (Morbach & Sembach, too)

586 TMG @ Yahoo!
586th Tac Missile Group Hahn AB

Radio Relay Sites @ Yahoo!
USAFE Radio Relay Sites

Pforzheim AS Family @ Yahoo!
Pforzheim AS Family and Friends


EVEN MORE USAF in Germany Yahoo/MSN Groups

The Europe Defense Veterans of America Yahoo Group

Birkenfeld AB Yahoo Group

The Grunstadt Gang
A Yahoo group for folks from Grunstadt & Sembach with
the 85th RSM, 6914th RSM & 6910th RGM

497th Reconnaissance Technical Group Yahoo Group

APO 132, Bitburg AB, Germany Yahoo Group
A Yahoo group for Postal folks from Bitburg AB

36MWRS @ Yahoo!
Bitburg 36th MWRS

Zweibrucken AB MSN Group
Zweibrucken AB Yahoo Group
Virtually no traffic on these Zweibrucken sites.
Let's reinvigorate these groups! Where the heck is the Sunny Zwei Horde?
You can't win if don't play! Time to ante up.

Hahn AB @ MSN!
Hahn Air Base - A MSN Group

Griffins of the 50th TFW Yahoo Group

313th Lucky Puppies Yahoo Group

Air Force Wives In Germany Yahoo Group

Military Families United Together In Europe MSN Group

Military Wives Living in Europe MSN Group

Ramstein AMMO Support Yahoo Group

Ramstein AB Spouse Yahoo Group

Ramstein AB Wives Yahoo Group

Click here for other USAF-related MSN & Yahoo Groups

Were you a Grunt? An Army Brat?
US Army in Europe
Check out the U.S. Army in Europe Website

This is a first-class historical website!!!
If you served in Germany, you have to check it out!

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Websites
The 11th Armored Cavalry BLACKHORSE Society





USASA Field Station Augsburg

USASA Field Station Berlin

USASA Field Station Rothwesten Yahoo Group

ASA Herzo Base Detachment K & FSA Detachment N @ Mt. Eckstein

318th ASA, Herzo Base

USASA: All The Way! Yahoo Group

ASA Alpiners


3rd Armored Division

8th Infantry Division

11th Airborne Division

The 14th Cavalry Association

United States Constabulary

62nd Highway Patrol (MP)

709th Military Police Battalion


US Military Troops who served in Berlin

Wildflecken Veterans Association
For U.S. Army Vets who served at the Wildflecken Training Area

Geschichte des Labor Service und der Civilian Support Organisation in Deutschland
Siegbert Mann's History of the U.S. Forces in Germany Labor Service and Civilian Support Organization

Yes, there were also Navy units in Germany!

NSGA Bremerhaven
Naval Security Group Activity, Bremerhaven

NSGA Todendorf
Naval Security Group Activity, Todendorf

1956 thru 1976
NSGA Todendorf - 1968
NSGA Todendorf - 1972 & 1973

U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

More Links of Local Interest

Golf Resort Bitburger Land/Wißmannsdorf
They have a 9-hole & an 18-hole course in Wißmannsdorf-Hermesdorf, & another 18 holes in Burbach.

Tourist info for the Bitburg, Eifel, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz Region


Eifel Web Portal

Live Webcam from Trierer Straße in downtown Bitburg

Bernkastel Webcam (Live streaming video)

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