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This list is not just for folks who served in Germany!
These links are helpful to anyone who was in the Air Force or who is looking for a former Air Force troop.
Check back frequently and send us your suggestions!

Organizational Sites

USAF, American Legion,
AMVETS, etc.

Locator Sites

Official & Unofficial Guides and
other Web Resources!


Career Field related Websites...All Ranks, All Fields!
PLUS Base & Unit websites, webgroups, associations...
CONUS, PACAF, USAFE, ADC, TAC, SAC, Vietnam, Korea , etc.
Everywhere & anywhere the USAF can be found on the 'net!

USAF in Germany Websites
If it's USAF and it was in Germany...it's here!
Bitburg, Spangdahlem, Zweibrucken, and Rhein-Main
Prum, Ramstein, Hahn, Sembach, and Morbach
and many more...including US Army and Navy sites!

Aircraft-related Links
F-15 Eagles, A-10 Wart Hogs, F-100 Super Sabres,
OV-10 Broncos, F-105 Thuds, F-4 Phantoms, etc.
If the USAF flew it over Germany, it's here and then some!

Members' Links
Roll Call Members' Personal & Business Sites
Any of you got a personal website? Let us know!
Got a business site? Put a link here!

Sean White's NEW Photos from Germany!





For our US Army Folks

3-Country Tour

Idenheim Mace Facility!


Lots of new photos added

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