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These are official Government & Military websites.
At a minimum, you may need probably the SSN of the person you wish to find. In addition, some information may be available only to documented family members.

DOD Network Information Center

AFPC - Air Force Personnel Center

Air Force Worldwide Locator

National Personnel Records Center

DefenseLINK: Requesting Mailing Addresses

ANG Unit Locator

Marine Corps Locator

Emergency Contact: American Red Cross

These are privately run websites. ALL of these sites are free to register in and search. They also maintain that they do not make your information available to third parties; but, they are publically accessible as is this website.

Unofficial USAF Locator
Unofficial USAF Locator Site


Vets Roll Call


A word of caution: A fee may be involved to access information on some of these sites below.
There are many "Reunion Websites" out there and the fees involved are not always clearly stated.
Use caution and common sense before giving your information. Make sure you know if a fee is involved to communicate with
anyone you find on their sites BEFORE you enter YOUR information. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Once we know if fees are involved in the sites listed below, we will post it here.
If you have some experience with the sites below, please
contact us.

Veterans Alumni Association

Registering your information is free; but, searching their database requires a membership fee.

Military-Brats Registry
Currently there is no fee for registering, searching or contacting
friends on a one-to-one basis, however this will change in the near future. There will
be a fee of $15/year for making contact by a tentative date of September, 2004.

US Search.com
Search a variety of public records, not a free service.

Find people from your High School, College, Work, & the Military.
This is not a free site. You must pay a membership fee to contact anyone you find there.

Registering your information is free; but,
reading member profiles and contacting members requires a membership fee.
Reunion.com also uses a proprietary email system. All communication goes through their site
unless both parties agree to communicate otherwise. Their email system may remove email
addresses from message texts...we are waiting to find out about this.



The Ultimate White Pages
Put a name through multiple search engines at a single website.
This is a simple and easy to use FREE web search engine.

Know of another good locator site?
Email us!

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