Members' Links

RollCall members personal & business websites!

Former Bitburger Brock Roberts Websites:

BRTech - Snowmobile & Jeep Accessories
BRTech Plastics Thermoforming & Mold Development
Frontier Freedom Adventures Extreme Snowmobiling Tours

Haskell Indian Nations University
Where our man Thomas Spotted Horse now works!

Tulare Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor Bryan W. Marler's Site
A former Bitburger

Your Computer Guy
Lee Turner's Computer Consulting Business

T-hoe's Fire Protection Page
SABRE Jason Theriault's Firedawg website!

Tom Hathaway's Whiteman AFB PMEL Site
Looking for PMEL info??? Old PMEL troops??? Check out this site!

1944th Communications Squadron
12th Radio Relay Squadron
Gary Merkel's Yahoo Groups

Dr. William Roger Nelson's Page
A former EENT Doc at Bitburg Hospital

Craig King's Personal Website

Bentley Associates
John "Jack" DeCourcy's Investigations and Security Firm

Gary Schulz's 22nd TFS website

John Kulow's Website
Nice selection of recent Bitburg AB photos!

Bruce Andrews Photography

"Mich" Broersma's Internet Marketing Solutions website

Rich Croce's Revelation Photo

Farrell Family & Friends Photos
Hof Air Station's Jack Farrell and his family website

Ed Longo's Appraisal Services

Mike Reeves' Afterburner Decals
Mike makes some wicked looking decals for scale model aircraft!
His partner is a FF/Paramedic, so I'm bound by Fire Service law to list their site.
However, Mike does not have any BT or SP decals on his site. Better get on that, Mike!

Tom Moser's Tactical Concepts, Inc.

El Dubya's Domain
Larry Wheelan's Personal Website
Also check out Larry's
Bitburg AB Yahoo Group

Kevin Sterner's Revelation Designs
A former Bitburg ECS guy trying to make the web a better place, one website at a time.

Richard Zaiz's Judo Sports Association Hetzerath e.V.
A Judo Club in Hetzerath, Germany

2TANKS's Home Page
AMMO Troop Marty Kotch's Wreckdiving Page

Drifter's Memoirs
Johnetta Layton's Blog...check it out! Swing by Johnetta's other sites:
Veterans in Motion
Veterans in Motion Blog

Terry Robertson's Personal Website
A former aircraft maint tech who now lives in Finland.

Ed Beroset's Assembly Language Site
Former Prum AS guy giving away his code

Roland Fogt's Honeymoon Pics from Bitburg
Yes, he convinced his wife to spend their honeymoon in Bitburg
That's a strong marriage.

Dave Gurtner's Cold War Thuds

Tony Huguley's Advanced Images
Signs & Graphics...tshirts, Signs, Decals, and JEEPS!

Chuck Husby's TLC
Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Sean Harris's
Check out our AFSCLinks PLUS for more Weaponz links

Jeffrey MacAdam's JAM Radio site

Ken de Russy's Hang Gliding Museum
Ken is a former Security Policeman from Rhein-Main who served in Vietnam
and who prefers to keep "his head in the clouds."

Badger's 26th SPS website
If you were a Zweibrucken SP, check it out!

Richard Spoley's Reisenbach Reunion Group

Wild Pelicans Club
Former Bitburger Jim Nelson's Motorcycle Club

Fan Ball
John Schires' Fantasy Sports Website


Fire, Rescue, SAR, & EMS training links for the discriminating Emergency Responder



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