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We would like to briefly explain some of the rules we have established
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On our part, we have decided that the only cause that our websites will
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While you may find the ocassional link to a commercial product on this site,
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1. Links to the sites of our members which may be business-related. We are
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2. Links to products of interest to our visitors. Ocassionally unique
items related to our shared military service are found by us or our members.
We like to share this information with our members; but, once again, these are
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will state our satisfaction or dis-satisfaction with the link to the item.

What we ask of you while you are visiting...
Roll Call Entries:
Offensive Material- Profanity or abusive language is prohibited.
If possible, the offensive language is simply removed; however, if the entire entry
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Entries containing links to pornographic websites will be removed.

Spam- Roll Call members are encouraged to include links to their business sites
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Roll Call entries made with the single intent to draw visitors to another website
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General- We ask that you follow the format suggested on the sign-in page.
This will keep sufficient uniformity among the entries that will allow us to make the
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We ask that you do not write entries in all capital letters since the online community
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of structure...again, the content of your entry will not altered unless it is deemed
offensive or as Spam. Remember, a standardized structure allows folks to easily search
and find their buddies in our Roll Call...and that might mean you!

ALSO, if you wish to update or make a correction to your Roll Call entry... email us.

Photos on this site:
First, we greatly appreciate the image contributions made by the members and supporters of our website.
We hope everyone finds something to enjoy while visiting with us, and when possible,
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This will help strengthen our network of friends on the Internet.
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Last Update - 11 Sep 06

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